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His-Excellency Naval Kishore Sharma. Governor of Gujarat


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Bhavnagar University is located in Bhavnagar city in the western province of Gujarat, India. Bhavnagar - a city where Mahatma Gandhi once studied - was the first princely state to merge with the Union of India at the time of independence in 1947. Bhavnagar University came into being in 1978. The university provides high quality of Teaching and Research Programs in Science, Arts, Commerce, Engineering, Medicine, Management, Rural Studies and Law Faculties. The University has at present 20 Departments and 4 Recognized Institutes and Research Centres. Colleges affiliated to university belong to Medical, Dental, Homeopathy,Engineering etc. disciplines. Twelve Post Graduate Courses are run by some of the Colleges which are affiliated to Bhavnagar University. A recent break through in field of optical science was achieved by scientist Rasbindu Mehta of Bhavnagar university is to trap light. This is first time somebody as done something like this. This research will pave way for developing optical computers in future. Please see the link in external links section.


Bhavnagar district is known for its cultural heritage and the then His Highness of Bhavnagar Shri Krishnakumarsinhji was first to donate princely state to the Nation. Mahatama Gandhi, the father of our nation studied in Shamaldas Arts College during 1888, which is now run by Bhavnagar University. Bhavnagar District is situated between 21.18 -22.18 Longitude and 71.51-72.18 Latitude. The total area of the Bhavnagar district is 12048 Square Kms.

The University was established in 1978 by the state of Gujarat and the total area of the Campus is spread over 3 locations. Bhavnagar University is providing high quality of Teaching and Research

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 Higher Studies

Bhavnagar University is specifically known for its high quality Higher Degree Research activities. Research activities are carried out in the most relevant and high-profile areas as Nano-Technology, Marine Ecology, Intellectual Property Rights & its Management and Entrepreneurship etc. The following Centres for Excellence and Cells are actively engaged in research and consultancy services:

bullet Centre for Excellence in Nano-technology
bullet Ocean Science and Technology Cell for Western Coast
bullet Entrepreneurship Development Cell
bullet Industry Linkage Cell
bullet Corporate Services Academy


The university provides bachelors, masters and doctorate education in the following faculties.

bullet Arts
bullet Science
bullet Commerce
bullet Engineering
bullet Management
bullet Law
bullet Education
bullet Rural Studies


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